Gratitude Pumpkins Garland


Colorful pumpkin cutouts in two styles, ready for you to write or draw what you are thankful for. These are put on a string or ribbon and made into a garland. You may also use them separately for decorations or other projects. Cut them out with scissors, have the children practice their coordination skills using child safe scissors. Use these for the fall, Halloween, or Thanksgiving to teach gratitude and appreciation. Just make one per person, or write and draw on multiple pumpkins over days or weeks, and create a gratitude pumpkin garland that you add to over time. Use this to teach about history, seasons, holidays and harvest time.

A version in svg will be available soon if you would like to cut them out with your craft cutting machine.


Colorful cut out pumpkins in two styles, ready for you to write or draw the things you are thankful for. Use them for your family or for your class to help create an attitude of thankfulness and appreciation. You can use one pumpkin per person, or multiple pumpkins for each person. Use them for the fall, Halloween, or Thanksgiving. Use them to help teach about history, seasons, holidays, or harvest time. Write or draw on them for one day, a few days or an entire month if you want. Write or draw what you appreciate and are thankful for. After writing or drawing on each pumpkin, add them to a string or ribbon that you have put up and watch your garland garden grow into a vine of appreciation and gratitude!

A version of these in svg format will be coming soon, so that you can cut them out on your craft cutting machine if you prefer. However they are already easy to use. Just cut them out around the edges, or cut a circle or rectangle around the pumpkins and put them on the garland. The children can cut out their own and practice their coordination skills. Please use children’s safety scissors for younger people.


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