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Why aren’t there many sellers?

We are currently working on building our website! We are still very new and are growing each day! If you know of someone that creates amazing parenting or homeschooling resources, send them our way! We are working on a referral program for those that help us get more sellers.

Since you are new, what kind of security can you give me?

Building a secure site was one of the top priorities of creating this website! What’s the point in having an online marketplace if it’s going to be shady?! We use platforms and services that are amazing at helping to prevent fraud. We also were very selective in our hosting and payment processing services. Each of which are there for you should something shady happen.

How do I set up my store?

Setting up a store is much like setting up a store on other online marketplaces. For more detailed information, click here.

I don’t see a category for my item. Can I still sell the item? Can a new one be added?

Most likely you can still sell the item. We started with lots of categories, but obviously couldn’t think of everything. We are happy to look into adding one, just send us a message: