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Unique, edgy teaching materials that are certain to entertain. Color photographs of picture scenes that depict the First 300 Words that a person learns to identify and name. Color photographs of 300 different actions (First 300 Actions) that will help elicit words, phrases, sentences, picture description. These are great story prompts! Decks of Go Fish/Matching cards in four different formats: Animals, People, Vocalic /r/, and Cats and Dogs. Very entertaining. Our students ask to use these everyday.

300 Actions


Bright, engaging photos of 300 different actions. Includes master list that corresponds to the number on each card.


Superb color photos of 300 separate actions. Actions progress from the earliest developing, such as eating, drinking, sleeping, to more advanced including texting, FaceTiming and landscaping, excavating. Great for use in combination with the First 300 Nouns. Enables you to target sentence formation, verb tenses, pronouns, suffixes. Activity: Noun-action-noun cards or noun-noun-action-noun cards presented. Have student construct a sentence, targeting both sentence structure and phoneme remediation.


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Hello! My name is Holly Huber, from Maysville, Kentucky. These products were developed to help instruct students in an interesting way. I am a pediatric speech-language pathologist with over 25 years experience. The search for products like these went on for quite some time, so we decided to develop them ourselves. Check them out. Don’t Buy Boring!