Learn to speak Spanish the easy way! This dynamic and catchy song is structured like the 12 days of Christmas but with different numbers of animals each in a different color. Listeners practice counting up and then counting back down which helps to solidify the order of the numbers. In order to sing along, you must remember the names of the animals and the colors as well. Print the animal images on card stock or magnet paper and cut out to make a fun activity finding each set of animals as you sing about them. This also helps re-enforce the meaning of the vocabulary without having to translate.

Practice counting up and down between 1-10, learn vocabulary for animals and practice colors. Lays groundwork for gender and number agreement with adjectives.

Sing about:
1 white sheep
2 black horses
3 pink pigs
4 green ducks
5 brown cows
6 orange cats
7 grey mice
8 blue birds
9 red hens and
10 yellow fish


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