Children love guessing games! They build critical thinking skills in kids and add educational value. They can be played anytime, anywhere!

Mama Kangaroo has a pocket where joey kangaroo lives but she like to hide things in her pocket for joey and you to guess what’s in her pocket. I have made a variety of recognizable items that you can hide in the pocket and give the children verbal clues. Example: It grows outside and is tall. What’s in my pocket? Or maybe this lives in the water, what’s in my pocket now.
For a change, you could do shapes such as circles, square, rectangle and triangle. Also cut the same shape out of different colors. Place one color in the pocket the ask the children what color is in my pocket giving them clues. Ex: green – so clues could be shamrocks, grass, an elf costume, money For yellow: a banana, the sun, a lemon etc.

This is a simple set that anyone can make.
Pattern includes:

• Full sized patterns
• Detailed step by step instructions
• Mama Kangaroo
• Joey
• Flower
• Pumpkin
• Duck
• Apple
• Shamrock
• Ball
• Fish
• Heart
• Butterfly
• Sun
• Tree
• Ice cream cone
Suggestions for using What’s In My Pocket

NOTE: I use freezer paper to print and cut my patterns. It is the secret to cutting small precise pieces! Freezer paper is available as a roll in grocery stores and can be cut into 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheets to print on or you can purchase precut sheets.

I have also included basic instructions on making a felt board with this pattern.


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