This month as I’ve been working on my 28 acts of love (from the shop Darling Discoveries) and keeping up with current events in the world, I’ve realized just how much our world needs more love.

We REALLY need to make a better effort to love each other. 

There are so many problems in our world today. But how many could be solved TODAY if we reached out with love instead of anger? How many could be solved in the next month if we showed love to those around us starting today? How many could be solved in the next few years with the ripple effects of more people showing love to others? 

If you started to show more love today, who would that effect?

If those people started showing more love and kindness to others today, who would they influence?

If all of those people started showing more love, kindness, and understanding to the people around them today, how many people would that help?

A whole lot! 

And the cycle would just continue! 

No one Is perfect all the time. But even one interaction with someone else can change the world. 

You never know who exactly you influence, but you can always influence someone for good. 

You can always make the world a brighter place by loving those around you, being kind in your dealings with other people, and by being more understanding to people you don’t agree with. 

And really what choice do we have?

Are we going to sit by and watch as we all destroy each other? Because if we can’t learn to get along, that will happen! It HAS happened in the history of the world. MANY times. 

I’m choosing to show more love. I’m choosing to be more kind. I’m choosing to be more understanding. Am I going to be perfect at it? Goodness no. But I will try and keep trying. 

Because that’s really what our world needs right now. 

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