Here’s some basic information to help you set up your own shop on the marketplace. Teaching in the Home is similar to other online marketplaces. Add your own banner, store notices, policies, and more!

What can you sell on Teaching in the Home?

  • printables
  • learning kits
  • digital and physical items
  • handmade items to help with parenting/children
  • items that you bought and then altered
  • journals, stationary

We don’t sell diapers, clothes, strollers, car seats, and other baby gear.

Commission is charged by both Teaching in the Home and our payment processing system, Stripe.

There are NO listing, monthly, or annual fees! The cost to use our website, our features, and payment processing are all included in the 5% commission. If you want to give away an item for free (including free shipping), it is FREE for you to do so! No commission is charged on a downloadable item that is Free.

Any questions about selling? Please visit our blog posts, forums, Facebook group, or email us!

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