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Gramma's Little Shop started when I began making things for my 2 grandchildren Malin and Parker. At the time, I sold completed items and over time I found that I really enjoyed making up the patterns so that's where I am today. My patterns are not computer drafted but hand drawn and require varying amounts of skill from basic beginner to a little more complex. If you can handle an iron, a pair of scissor and a glue gun you can make these. WHY FELT BOARDS? Felt play expands the imagination! Children will create characters, storylines, conflicts, etc. Telling a story using felt uses multiple senses. Felt boards assist with fine motor skills, social skills, memorization, independence, and language development.

ABC Felt Board Patterns


ABC Felt Board Pattern includes Uper and Lower case letter, 102 items that “begin with the letter _, and number patterns for 0-9


ABC Felt Board Pattern // Teach the Alphabet // 52 Letters, 102 additional felt items
This pattern contains patterns for both upper and lower case letters. Each letter is accompanied by patterns for 4 items with the exception of the letter X which has 2 patterns for words that begin with that letter.

You are receiving a total on 52 letter patterns and 102 patterns for objects that “begin with” .
Also included are numbers 0-9. Less than 10 cents per pattern piece when ordering this pattern.

A – ant, apple, airplane, and an alligator.
B – bow, broccoli, boat, and a bee
C – car, crab, crown, and cat
D – drum, dinosaur, duck, and dog
E – Elephant, eye, elbow, and envelope
F – Frog, fish, feather and flower.
G – Giraffe, globe, guitar, and glasses.
H – Helicopter, hat, heart and horn
I – Ice cream, igloo, ice skate, iron
J – Jet, jellyfish, jar, and jeep
K – Kayak, key, koala and kite
L – Lion, lemon, light bulb, lips
M – Milk, mouse, moon and monster
N – Net, note, nose and nail polish
O – One, octopus, orange, and owl.
P – Pear, pie, pig and penguin
Q – Queen, question mark, Q tip and quail
R – Rake, rocket, ring, and rainbow
S – Spider, sock, sun and snake
T – Tree, train, tub and tooth
U – United States, umbrella, unicorn and underwear
V – Vase, vest, vacuum, volcano
W – Whale, watermelon, witch, and wheelbarrow
X – X-ray and xylophone
Y – Yogurt, yoyo, yarn and yak
Z – zigzag, zucchini, zebra, zipper

These are HAND DRAWN not computer drafted patterns to make felt cutouts to be used on a felt or flannel board.

NOTE: I use freezer paper to print my patterns. Freezer paper is available as a roll in grocery stores and can be cut into 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheets to print on.
I have also included basic instructions on making a felt board with this pattern.


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A little about me. My name is Kathy and I have been married to my hubby Paul for 47 years. Where has the time gone? We have 3 children – Steve, Ryan and Holly – and one wonderful son-in-law Dustin. I am a grandma to Malin and Parker and they keep me on my toes. Besides my family and my shop I enjoy traveling, photography, and reading.