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Bedroom Cleaning Instruction Cards – Green


Simple illustrations and steps to help your child learn to clean their room


Comes with a set of GREEN instruction cards.

Use the cute illustrations and simple instructions to teach your kids how to clean their room!

Give them these cards when it’s time to clean their room again so they can easily remember the steps AND feel accomplished as they turn each card over when completed.

Comes with 8 cards total.

Wording on cards:
1. How to clean your bedroom. Instruction Cards

2. Make your bed. Put anything that isn’t supposed to be on your bed in a pile in the middle of the room.

3. Move around the room and put things that are in the wrong place in the pile in the middle of your room. Check the closer and under your bed too.

4. Separate the big pile into 4 smaller piles.
1- Clothes
2- Books and Toys
3- Goes in your bedroom
4- Doesn’t go in your room

5. Put each small pile away.

6. Check that everything is put away and where it’s supposed to be. If something is in the wrong place, put it away.

7. Empty your trashcan.

8. Great job! You’re all done!

Cards come in pink, yellow, blue, and green. If you would like a custom color, please message us.

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