Great for teachers, preschools, early childhood centers, family day care, playgroups, and families. Felt board items are wonderful for developing language and vocabulary. Felt pieces help with the development of fine motor skills as well.

This is a group of rhyming items great for beginning reading. Can be used with the young toddler or a preschooler. When they enter kindergarten, children often have an easier time learning to read. This is because rhyming helps them discover many common word patterns. This set includes 11 pairs of easily reconizable rhyming words. Encourage children to come up with other words that rhyme with the pairs. Example for boat and goat: coat, float, and moat.

This is a simple set that anyone can make.
Pattern includes:
• Full sized patterns
• Detailed step by step instructions
– fox & box
-pear & bear
-har & cat
-clown & crown
-tree & bee
-dog & frog
-star & car
-boat & goat
-rake & snake
-snail & pail
-truck & duck

NOTE: I use freezer paper to print and cut my patterns. It is the secret to cutting small precise pieces! Freezer paper is available as a roll in grocery stores and can be cut into 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheets to print on or you can purchase precut sheets.


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