Watching children struggle with math is not a fun thing for me to observe. Today, more than ever, it’s imperative for parents and families to become involved with how their children are learning. The 0-99 chart is a great way to make connections with numbers to help your child understand how they are related to one another. This chart to me is magical because it makes sense to understand how the tens relate to the other numbers.

We have treated ten as the magic number to “get to” and in many ways it is, but in doing so, our children have not seen and understood what happens when we get ten: 1 ten and 0 ones. The language itself is confusing: 1 ten = 10 ones. No wonder our children are confused. If we don’t make it concrete for them, they will struggle.

With this chart, it separates the tens and takes the numbers, literally, to the next level. It makes this shift clearer to children, when they read the chart and the numbers. They can see that after 9, 19, 29, etc., they have the next ten to talk about in the next row.

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The MathaMagician creates learning opportunities to bridge the gap between school and home for families choosing to send their children (Prek-8th grade) to a school setting outside the home. Busy working families today feel detached from the learning their child does at school, and as much as they would like to understand and support their child, they don’t have that knowledge, yet. I am the liaison between the school and home. I speak both languages and can help the family reduce the conflict around homework and learning when partnered together. Join our community to learn more – The Mathamagician – Learn More Now

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